Oregon to charge 25% tax on marijuana sales

Article by Colonel Nogov on Sept. 30, 2015


The people of Oregon legalized marijuana last November.  Activists got the issue on the ballot for the people to decide, bypassing the legislature altogether.  This should be a lesson for all activists.  Don’t waste your time going to the rulers, they are bought and paid for by special interests.  If you’ve got a freedom issue, get it on the ballot.  (I generally don’t advocate voting, there are certain times I do.  Read it here.)
Even though it is now legal (aka government approved) to possess a certain amount of marijuana, sales are still prohibited except by government granted license.

Even though the State of Oregon begrudgingly allows adults to decide for themselves if they would like to use marijuana, they still want to discourage its use and take their cut of course.  So, a 25% sales tax is being imposed on all “legal” marijuana sales.  This takes effect January 4th of 2016.

Marijuana legalization took effect July 1st of this year.  The bureaucrats have been dragging their feet on writing the regulations regarding the sale of marijuana.  This actually turned out to be a benefit for marijuana users.  Starting tomorrow, Oct. 1st, a majority of the medical marijuana dispensaries can sell marijuana to non-medical customers tax free until Jan. 4th of next year.

Marijuana users can also grow their own, which I recommend, to avoid giving the State of Oregon any more tax revenue.  Read what’s “allowed” here.