Of Rape, Of Abortion, Of Taxes

Article by Colonel Nogov  on Jan. 14, 2015

I recently saw a billboard in Oregon that stated 4000 abortions were performed with taxpayer money.  It didn’t specify whether that was per year or all time or any other time frame.  The goal of this billboard was to get people to sign a petition to get some measure on the ballot stopping tax funded abortions.  I didn’t see it on the election ballot, so I guess they failed in getting enough signatures.


I assume from this billboard the ballot measure they were trying to get on the ballot was to stop the use of taxes to fund abortions.  I’m not going into the issue of whether abortion is right or wrong, when or under what circumstances.  That’s not the point of this article.

This organization tried hard to work within the system to stop what they thought was wrong.  They obviously spent lots of money on expensive advertising.  The people in this organization didn’t want their taxes going to fund abortions.  What did it get them?  Nothing.  They couldn’t even get the issue up for a vote.

The point is, once your money is taken from you, you have little or no say in what is done with that money.  This is true whether you are robbed by a common thief or robbed by the grand thieves known as government by what they call taxes.  You can whine to the government telling them you don’t like what they’re doing, but they simply don’t care.  They may feign interest to get elected, but that’s the most you’ll get.

This organization believed funding abortion with tax money was wrong or evil.  They are missing the big picture.  It is the taxes themselves that are evil.  Taxes are extortion.  Government takes money from people through the threat of violence.  If you don’t pay the taxes the government says you owe, they come and do horrible things to you, like put you on trial, put you in jail, confiscate your property, etc.

People often tell me taxes fund some goods things.  True enough.  That still doesn’t justify the taxes though.  Let me give an analogy.  Let’s say a man rapes a woman.  Most people would say that’s wrong.  Rape is wrong.  Let’s say this woman becomes pregnant and gives birth and that person becomes a doctor and finds a cure for cancer.  Is the rape now justified because the outcome was good?  Most people would still say no.  In this instance people can see that it was the rape that was wrong regardless of the outcome.

What if some thought yes, the rape is justified?  Had it not been for that rape, cancer would still plague human society.  If the child of the rape had grown to be a serial rapist or serial killer, would they still see the rape as justified?  My guess is no.

Justifying an evil act based on the outcome is foolhardy.  It’s foolhardy for two reasons.  The first being that an evil act is always an evil act, and second, the outcome cannot be predicted as the analogy shows.  The outcome could have been good(doctor) or bad(serial killer) or anywhere in between for that matter.

Getting back to how that relates to taxes: the outcome of the taking of taxes is sometimes good and sometimes bad, but just like in the analogy above, the taking of taxes is the evil act of extortion and an evil act is an evil act regardless of the outcome.  Also, the outcome of that evil act cannot be predicted.  Try as one might to do only good things with taxes, it is impossible and cannot be justified even if it was.

If you have never thought of taxes in this way, but now see the truth of it, do not feel ashamed.  You were intentionally deceived your entire life.  In matters of deceit, it is the deceiver who is the guilty party, not the deceived.