Taxation is theft

Article by Ben Doolin on Nov. 20, 2015


For most that read those three words (particularly for the first time)… it’s about 4 milliseconds before cognitive dissonance kicks in and the idea is rejected and any supporting information that follows… is ignored.

After all… The State has told us since we could understand words… that the only guarantees in life… are Death and Taxes… which is to imply that taxation is as unavoidable as death… so you might as well not even try.

To me… that is about as distasteful as the suggestion that ‘if rape is inevitable, just relax and enjoy it’.

Taxation by definition is the involuntary taking of property.  If it were voluntary (which The State actually claims it to be) we would call it a ‘purchase’ of goods or services.  It’s not.  Not only are no ‘goods or services’ guaranteed in that ‘transaction’… but if you don’t pay… violence will be used against you.

Every Statist that hears that loudly objects ‘NO VIOLENCE WILL BE USED AGAINST YOU… THAT’S ABSURD!’

They start to get uncomfortable as we wander down that path though.

[Me] So, what happens if you don’t pay your taxes?”

[Statist] You’ll get a letter.

[Me] What happens if you ignore the letters?

[Statist] You’ll get phone calls.

[Me] What happens if you ignore the calls?

[Statist] …

[Me] Yes, men with guns will show up at your house.

[Me] What happens if you attempt to defend yourself from their initiation of violence against you?

[Statist] You can’t defend yourself against cops.

[Me] Why not?

[Statist] …

[Me] To recap… they make a unilateral decision that they’re going to take my property.  That’s a crime.  They show up with lethal weapons and make death threats if I don’t comply.  Also a crime.  If I defend myself against their crimes… they will escalate the violence until they are able to kidnap, cage and torture me… or I am dead.

The only reason this doesn’t happen every day… is that humans have the capacity to understand that they will be killed if they do not submit to overwhelming violence… so people submit… to slavery.