The facebook sucketh

Article by Colonel Nogov on Sept. 4, 2015

My facebook pages were disabled by facebook the other morning.  No explanations.  No nothing.  Just wham-o gone.

I’ve got a love/hate relationship with facebook.  When I started this blog I had no readers.  For months I had few or no readers.  I had a facebook account associated with the website and I slowly developed “friends” and readers.  Facebook helped this blog grow.  8 months in now (only 8 months or wow 8 months, I’m not sure which), the website is growing nicely.  Thank you to everyone who’s reading.

But then this happens.  Facebook, with a wave of their magic wand, cause me a great big setback.  That’s all it is, but it’s a very annoying setback.  Which brings me to the point of this article.

Facebook is a marketing tool, it’s not the market.  This blog now has regular readers and over 200 blog posts that generate traffic from search engines.  Facebook was a good driver, but not the only driver.  If you’re a liberty activist/advocate and you’re only using facebook for your activism, I am making the suggestion that you have a minimum of one additional platform because facebook can pull the plug on you at any time.  Whether you’ve violated facebook’s terms of service, which of course they can change at any time without your approval, consent, etc.  or the government comes in and orders facebook to shut down your page(s), you’ll be out of action.

Facebook has become the establishment.  They make no secret about it, they share information with the government, no questions asked, no warrant required.

Along the lines of establishing a 2nd platform, I want you.  I want you to write for this website.  There are a few freedom websites out there that do a million and more unique visitors a month.  The demand is there.  The market is there.  I would like this website with its clear concise message to have a million and more readers.

In order to generate that kind of readership, it takes content, lots of it.  Do you like the message of this website?  Can you see the vision?  Can you write one article per week?

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Also, I’ve got a new Abolish Government Now facebook page up.  Give it a like.