The Force Awakens is Apropos

Article by Cal Nogov on Nov. 17, 2015


I remember when the original star wars trilogy came out.  That was the shit.  It was the first “viral” event I can remember.  People were going to see the movies again and again.  They were standing in line for hours even days to get tickets.

These movies were the epic struggle of good vs. evil.  The underdog stared evil in face and triumphed against all odds.

I wish they had never made Return of the Jedi.  People walked away feeling that all was right in the world.  The evil empire had been defeated.  In reality, the U.S. empire was just catching its stride.

I know these were just movies, but movies affect people.  If you don’t think so, have you seen a Guy Fawkes mask?  I think it’s still required viewing for teens going off to college to watch Animal House.  The great thing about V for Vendetta was that the ending of the movie actually signified the beginning of the struggle.  The evil government hadn’t been destroyed, a lone man had stood up to them and punched them in the nose.  Some of the top leadership had been killed and a building destroyed, but there was no sense of resolution.  This was the beginning not the end.  A lone man had inspired people to stand up for their rights.

Now, here comes Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  This is the first movie I’ve been excited for in a long while.  I think they’ve got their finger on the pulse of the world.  The Force Awakens is apropos because I think there is an awakening going on in the world.  People are recognizing the evils of government more so than ever before.

I love watching the trailers.  They start with the line, “who are you?”  With the answer coming from one of the main characters, Rey, responding, “I’m no one.”  This is characteristic of the what’s going on.  People who are “no one” start a website and boom, the rise of a leader.  The old media ignored, swept aside.

A decentralized revolution where the next “no one” becomes an influential force against the empire.  A disorganized alliance of freedom fighters.

I don’t know the plot of the movie, but from the trailers it appears to be more like the original trilogy and another epic struggle against an evil empire.  This time I hope they don’t resolve the conflict.  I hope they leave the audience with the sense that evil has not been defeated.  The evil will always be there and it is our duty to remain vigilant so that evil may not rise again to acquire power.  Because I think the Force Awakens could cause some actual awakenings.