The intellectual dishonesty of Robert Reich (part 2)

Article by Cal Nogov on Feb. 17, 2016


I will dissect the 2nd point in the following meme.


I recently did part 1.  Read it here.  Of which I would like to add:  Dear Mr. Reich,  Venezuela has a shitload of demand for food.  Why isn’t there any?

Statement 2:  Free markets can’t exist without government regulation and we decide how much.

Anyone with half a brain can realize this statement is contradictory.  Free markets are called free markets precisely because there is no government regulation.  There are free markets and then there are government regulated markets.  They are two different things.  You’ve got to be an idiot to utter such a phrase and an even bigger idiot to believe it.

I don’t believe Robert Reich is an idiot.  He’s a propagandist.  Dispensing nonsense to the bigger idiots.

Who is “we”?  He wants to make this sound like “we” as a society decide what kind of rules and regulations markets should operate under.  This is far from the truth.  If “we” decided how much, that would mean each of us as individuals would decide for ourselves what to buy, from who, for how much, and under what conditions.  “We” don’t have that option.

The government is the one who makes all the regulatory decisions.  “We” are not the government and “we” have no say in what the government does.  Politicians do.

“We” would be much better off with free markets.  read why here.