Article by Ben Doolin on May 16, 2016



The Non-Aggression Principle is often described as ‘The Golden Rule’… ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you’.

Few suggest that that isn’t a good idea, many reject it as the foundation of a free society though.

They suggest that ‘not everyone will agree… so, your idea fails’.

That point is absolutely correct.  No system that requires everyone to agree could be possible.

The flaw in that chain of logic, is the idea that ‘The Golden Rule’… is exactly and exclusively what the NAP means.

The NAP points out that The Right To Person and The Right To Property are logically correct.

That means that it is logically correct to use force to defend against a violation of person or property… since otherwise The Right To Person and Property is a meaningless idea.

This idea is universal, it applies to everyone… even if they disagree.

It accounts for the actions of everyone… even those that do disagree.

In a society based on The NAP, those that disagree, the people that would violate person and property… will be subject to the defense of the people or property owners they victimize, while those that defend themselves or their property will face no consequences.

The fact that The NAP is logically correct… also exposes The State as logically false, since everything it does violates person or property.  It is a criminal organization.