There are no good cops

Article by Ben Doolin on Sept. 10, 2015


There is a never ending parade of ‘cop supporters’.  Stockholm syndrome victims or family members suffering from cognitive dissonance… “my dad is a good guy… so not all cops are bad”… but of course her dad doesn’t admit that he kidnaps, assaults, rapes, cages, tortures and murders people.

One can know for certain that there are no good cops… simply for the fact that if there was a single good cop… he’d be spending all of his time arresting other cops.  That cop… would be taken out back and shot in the head… in a ‘training accident’.

Beyond that… there are conditions that apply to all cops… conditions that if ignored or refused… mean that you can no longer be a cop.

Each… requires the cop to violate person or property… to initiate the use of violence against non-violent people.

This means… that a moral person could not do the job… doing the job makes a person immoral.

The conditions that apply to all cops are:

1) Being paid with money that is not part of a voluntary transaction (i.e. stolen money)
2) Cops must enforce immoral laws (i.e. the use of violence against non-violent people)
3) All cops must support the code of silence… which allows other cops to commit and get away with… any crime… including premeditated murder.

To be a good person, one must refuse to do evil… not make it your career.

In addition to all cops being bad… the job attracts sociopaths like flies to shit.

There is no other job on earth where you can get paid and protected while you humiliate, abuse, torture and murder other humans.

Real protection is possible (keep in mind that cops have no obligation to protect)… without enslaving yourself:
Detroit Threat Management Center:

If after all of the above… you still think there is at least ‘one good cop’… you can collect a $10,000 reward for finding him: