Why the commie riots are harbingers of freedom

Article by Cal Nogov on June 28, 2016


The title seems counter intuitive.  Commies aren’t about freedom, they’re about collective enslavement.

I love watching the commies riot.  I know, it’s sick.  It’s also fascinating.  Why are they rioting?  Why are they so angry?  Are they anarchists?

The media always portrays them as anarchists.  It’s the narrative.  The groups themselves often call themselves anarchists.  They are clueless about what anarchism is.  Anarchy is about an absence of government.  These people aren’t fighting against government, they’re fighting for MORE government.

When you discover the reason for the rioting, it’s not because government is too intrusive, it’s because government hasn’t provided enough.  It’s because government has taken away some goodies it has promised.  ‘We want government to give us more, more, more and they’re not’ is the underlying message, ‘so we’re going to riot’.  The immature adult’s version of a temper tantrum.  They want to work less, but get more and they want the government to provide that.  Regardless of the expense to others.  They care nothing for others.  Only themselves.  Though they will tell you the opposite is true.

These people are commies.  They don’t call themselves that, but that’s what they are.  When what you say is different than what you do, it’s what you do that defines your character.

When I see the commie riots popping up in places like France, Greece, the U.S. and especially Venezuela, I see a trend happening.  The people were promised things.  The broke governments of the world are starting to break those promises precisely because they are broke.  This trend will accelerate.  As the world wide economic collapse, that is already happening, continues, I have zero faith in governments to stop the momentum.  They will make things worse by attempting to raise taxes, trying to implement price controls, creating more regulations and restrictions on freedom, making even bigger promises in an attempt to appease the populations.

Brexit happened.  This is a sign of the coming freedom I speak of.  Brexit happened despite the propaganda full court press.  The comedians and fear mongers were rolled out en masse to try and prevent brexit.  Comedy and fear are the two primary means by which ideas are brought to the peasants.  Most of the peasants will never seek out knowledge, never seek out scholars, never seek greatness, never seek to develop their own creativity.  They are perfectly content to be distracted by trivialities, lead by their emotions, told what to do and what to think.  Comedy and fear are neither good or bad themselves.  They are tools to bring ideas to the peasants who otherwise wouldn’t seek them out.  It’s only when wicked people use them for wicked purposes…

Brexit happened because governments are losing control.  Brexit happened because socialism always fails, and when socialism fails it inevitably becomes every man for himself.  Where are the life boats?  In this case it’s starting at every country for itself.  The accelerating economic collapse and rioting will overwhelm governments that are already stretched to the brink.  This is when a free society will take hold in the world.  Governments will be too weak to prevent it.

I don’t see some mass awakening among the worldwide population.  Most people loathe the idea of freedom.  They want the false security of a government.  What I do see is a large anarchist community, who are currently spread throughout the world, decentralized, coming together in a geographic location to claim it in the name of freedom.

P.S. –  It looks like the Brazilian Government just stopped paying its public sector workers (i.e. police, firemen, ?) because it’s broke.  I wonder what happens next?