Dear Anarchist*2

Article by Colonel Nogov on Feb. 27, 2015


Dear Anarchist:   (summary of multiple conversations with statists)  If you don’t like it, why don’t you leave?  variation:  Love it or leave it man.  variation:  If you don’t like the government, you’re free to leave.

Colonel Nogov:
My question right back to you is:  Why do I have to leave?  I was born here too.  Because of the accident of my birth, I am now forced to be ruled by politicians or leave.  Where do they get the right to rule me?  I question government.  I question whether or not it should even exist.  I question why it has the right rule me.  It doesn’t.  I question why I have to pay them tribute(taxes).  I have the mentality of a free man.  Apparently you do not.

I would like to be left in peace where I choose to live.  The government is the trespasser, not I.  I will not love the government.  I hate the government.  Government is a criminal organization that rules and extorts the population in a geographic area.  Why would I love such a thing?  Why do you love it, Mr. Statist?  Do you like it that people are ruled and extorted?

I may leave, but only of my own choosing.  Where do you suggest I go?  There is no place on earth that is free of a government.  Your question/statement is like saying, if you don’t like this cage, you may move to another cage.  I want to be free.  I want to be free wherever I choose to live.  I don’t want to be ruled by scumbag politicians, kings, dictators.  They’re all the same.  I question, why do you not want to be free.  Why do you love your cage?  I will live where I choose to live and I will denounce governments always and forever until humanity is free.

On a practical level, at least practical the way a statist sees it, my leaving reduces the government’s tax revenue.  I don’t think the peasants who say, love it or leave it, have thought things through.  People leaving the country are usually, actually always, the productive members of the country who no longer want to be milk cows to the government.  It’s called a brain drain.  The rulers know all about it.  That’s why even as the ignorant peasants are saying love it or leave it, the politicians are doing whatever they can to make it difficult or impossible to leave.

When big earner individuals and corporations leave, all the sudden it’s a different story.  The media starts reporting how much tax revenue is being lost due to the big earner leaving the country.  Now the peasants are in an uproar.  How could they do such a thing?  They’re unpatriotic.  That money should stay here.  Those jobs should stay here.  Which is it?  Last week you were just saying love it or leave.  Today it’s don’t go, we need you.  Maybe love it or leave it is not what you meant in the first place.  You didn’t want them to actually choose the second option.  Maybe what you really meant was stay here and love it.  Accept your servitude.  Obey the government and work hard so we can have your labor, your production, your money.  People are leaving as you’ve suggested.  What will happen when all the productive people do choose the second option and leave?  They’re already starting to if you haven’t noticed.

Usually the love it or leave it question/statement comes during a conversation when a statist is beginning to feel confusion in his own head.  It’s their way of saying your reason and logic is causing me cognitive dissonance and I don’t want to hear anymore.  Go away.  I don’t want to play anymore.