Freedom writers wanted

Freedom writers wanted

I’m looking for freedom minded individuals who are interested in contributing to  Articles, journalism, short works of fiction, comic strips, poems, jokes, anything on freedom, free markets, social commentary on current events from freedom perspective, refutations of statist propaganda and institutions.  The website already has a small following and I would like to boost it with more content.

Your contribution would be voluntary, to start.  If the website grows to the point of being able to monetize, contributors would be paid.  Though always keep in mind, the first goal of the website is to promote liberty.  The second goal is to monetize to further the first goal.

Add your voice to the chorus.  Start or expand a body of work without having to operate your own website.

Help me grow this tiny blog into a worldwide production.
C.  Nogov

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If you don’t get a response within 48 hours, please resubmit, or comment on a recent post, or message me on facebook:  Cal Nogov




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