Have you ever told a religious person’s kid there is no god?

Article by Colonel Nogov on July 28, 2015


Have you ever told a religious person’s kid that there is no god right in front of them?  I have and I do.  From the kids, I generally get a look of confusion.  From the parents, I get something close to psychosis.

Religious parents get angry.  Depending on the people’s loony level, they’ll politely tell me to not tell their kids these things up to screaming at me, acting belligerent, and threatening violence.

You may think that’s their right.  But think about this.  They tell my kid all the time that there IS a god.  If I express my opinion, they become angry and even violent, but they think it’s perfectly okay to tell my kid their nonsense.  That what they’re doing is good and right, so it’s okay.  It’s not okay.

To those who I’ve just described, what you are is hypocrite dick.  So I will be telling your kids there is no god.  And you should thank me for it, so they don’t suffer the same fate as you.

But it brings up the question; why do they get angry?

You can pretty much tell how much truth is in someones belief by how angry they get when you question it.

That’s why religious people get angry when you question their beliefs.  There is no truth in their beliefs.  Deep down somewhere inside them they know it.  That’s why they lash out.  This is a common human trait.  Lashing out at other people when you’re angry with yourself.

Often times religious people became religious because of some kind of trauma in their life.  And there was the church with arms spread wide and the promise of peace and love and solitude.  But that’s not the way of the church.  The church uses guilt, shame, and fear.  Further tormenting an already tortured and confused mind.

When people tell my daughter about god, I don’t become angry.  I have taught her about religion.  Once someone is taught the truth of something, you have no fear of the falsehoods.  Rational people can recognize the falsehoods once they know the truth.  The reverse is not true.  Someone brainwashed into believing falsehoods and then exposed to the truth may recognize the truth and change their beliefs.  It’s difficult because the brainwashing is powerful, but it can and does happen.

A metaphor for the above paragraph.  Imagine teaching a child the world is flat.  The child, being a child, doesn’t know any better so they believe what you tell them.  It sure looks flat to them, so it must be true.  But one day they are exposed to the truth.  The world is round.  Without a doubt.  They may have trouble accepting it at first because their whole life they’ve believed the world was flat.  But being exposed to the truth enough, they will, sooner or later, accept it.  The opposite is not true.  If a child is taught the truth first that the world is round.  They know this without a debt.  No amount of trying to convince them that the world is flat will have any effect on them, except they’ll think you’re a dingbat.  Which you are.

When people question my anarchism or atheism, I do not become angry.  I have found the peace that these people are so desperately searching for.  I look at these people, the ones who become angry when questioning their beliefs or the ones who question mine, as I do a sick animal who doesn’t have the consciousness to recognize or understand their own sickness.

I pity them, but people cannot be helped until they are willing to face cold hard truths.  Most cannot.  They cling to the fairy tales spun by Holy men and Politicians.