I suspect trump is political theatre

Article by Cal Nogov on Mar. 8, 2016


It seems like everyone is going on about Trump not being part of the establishment.  He’s being attacked by the Dems.  He’s being attacked by the Repubs.  Apparently he has the establishment in an uproar.  Yeah Right.

I suspect this is all phony.  This is the what the mainstream “news” sources want the public to believe.  The public has been angry lately.  Polls show a huge majority think the government is corrupt.  That the media is corrupt.  So this stage show appears to be confirm the public’s distrust and Trump’s the man.  The outsider.  The anti-establishment guy.  Except for:

1.  Trump is an establishment guy.  He doesn’t hold office and he’s not a bureaucrat, but he hangs out with all of them.  He’s friends with them.  He donates to political campaigns.  He gets political favors for business deals and legislation.  He uses political pull to use eminent domain when he can.  He’s an insider.

2.  He’s a master marketer using tried and true marketing techniques as only a master can.  Product differentiation.  When all flavors look like vanilla, come out as an exciting color and flavor.  It doesn’t much matter how it’s different as long as it appears different and gets noticed.  Making bold claims about the products superiority.  I’m better than these guys.  I know politics better than these guys.  I’m successful at running businesses, I’ll be successful at running the government.  And of course the always popular “new and improved”.  He’s not a career politician.  He’s “new”.   These are just a few I see off the top of my head.  It’s been a while since I’ve had my nose in marketing books.

3.  Since when are politicians honest.  All politicians are panderers.  They say the things they need to say to get elected and do whatever the fuck they want afterwards.  The people are nothing more than pesky peasants.

So, I don’t see Trump as some breath of fresh air.  Some honest, leveling with the people, scaring the establishment guy.  I see a corrupt crony capitalist business man who is now vying to be a corrupt crony capitalist politician.  Most likely to satisfy his ego.  To secure a place in the history books.

The day I support a presidential candidate is the day a candidate says elect me and the day after I’m elected I want everyone to stop paying taxes.  I won’t be enforcing taxes.  All taxes will be eliminated.  All legislation that isn’t theft or violence will be eliminated.  All bureaucracies will be eliminated.  If a candidate said that, I would go out and vote on the minuscule chance that he might actually do it.