Nip it in the bud, the early days of centrally planning the global temperature

Article by Colonel Nogov on Apr. 14, 2015

Man made global warming, global cooling, climate change, whatever the word of the day is, is it real?  This article isn’t about that.  It’s about what comes next.  First of all I’m a skeptic of the man made part.  I’m also not a scientist.  I can be both of those things because I can review the data myself.  For years I’ve heard this percentage [insert percentage of your choice] of scientists agree climate change is man made.

The Vostok weather station took samples of ice and calculated the temperature of the earth back 400,000 years in the 1970’s and 1980’s.  Epica conducted ice sample testing in the early 2000’s.  The charts are nearly identical.

global temperature

It looks to me like the earth goes through a fairly consistent temperature cycle.  Today looks like it’s right on track.  For people, now, to say climate change is man made with certainty is ridiculous.  Also, their data, excuses, solutions, causes constantly change.  They’re grasping at straws.

Let’s get to real point of this article.  Let’s say global climate change is man made just for arguments sake.  What are we going to do about it?

The folly of man never ceases to amaze me.  The central planners think they can run economies.  Their track record is, of course, horrible.  Central planning economies has lead to so many disasters.  Mass famines, economic collapses, war.

Now these same people want to centrally plan the temperature of the planet.  They think they can do it by regulating industries or banning cfc’s or cutting CO2 emissions(which happens to be what humans exhale).  How many other “ideas” do they have to “stabilize” the global temperature?  We all know what happens when the central planners start tinkering.  They tinker some more and then they tinker some more and then they tinker some more.  The tinkering never stops.  Every bit of tinkering causes more problems that needs more tinkering.  And then they can’t agree on what to do.  This side says, “we need to do this, we’ve got scientists that so say.”  The other side says, “no, we need to do this, our scientists say so.”  Once they’ve got control, it’s not a matter of “if” they should have control, it’s a matter of who decides.

This is suicide.  There will be unintended consequences, just like when they try to centrally plan an economy.  I can guarantee with 100% certainty that the disaster caused by attempting to centrally plan the global temperature will be many times worse than any potential disaster possibly caused by climate change.

Talk about cutting off the head to cure the headache.  What are the goals of these people?  They talk about saving the planet for future generations.  That sounds like they are concerned about people.  Yet, they are willing to do things today that they know will hurt people.  They are willing to destroy economies, keeping people living in poverty and squalor allegedly to help futures generations.  Don’t they realize in order to help future generations, today’s generation must prosper?  Tomorrow’s generation grows up in the households of today’s generation.  If today’s generation is living in squalor, tomorrow’s generation is not just magically going to live better.  That’s especially true if the same crushing effects of the economic policies still exist or have gotten worse.

Are they trying to save the planet for the planet’s sake?  Can they really be that ignorant and arrogant?  The planet has supported life for billions of years.  We are insignificant relative to it.  Do they really think the thousands of years we’ve been on the planet could cause irreversible, lasting damage?  What if, in their attempt to stabilize the planet’s temperature, they actually cause damage to the planet by disrupting its normal temperature cycle?  Or, cause wild fluctuations in the temperature?  What if one day they decide more erupting volcanoes is the “cure” and decide to drop nuclear bombs down dormant volcano craters to get them to erupt?  No idiotic idea is too idiotic for government.  I don’t worry about the planet.  The planet was here long before we were and it’ll be here long after we’re gone.

Just live your life in peace and freedom, the planet will take care of itself.

Ultimately, I don’t think the central planners can have any meaningful effect on the global temperature no matter what they do.  The only thing they will accomplish is making people’s lives a living horror.