Right to try? Government Go F yourself!

Annotation by Colonel Nogov on Mar. 23, 2015




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Just the thought of the topic in this article sickens me!  The government, our masters, decide whether or not we can pursue life saving treatments.  It’s not the governments god damn business what we do or don’t do.  In seven whole states now people have been given permission by their almighty masters to try potential life saving cures.  Even though those life saving cures have not yet been approved by the masters.  Wow.  They’re really generous.  We should worship them now.  Thank them profusely.  Oh Thank you wise masters.  I bow to your greatness.  I kiss your ringed fingers.  I shine your boots with my tongue.  I’m forever grateful.  Fuck them all!  It’s not their right to grant or deny permission in the first place.  I make my own choices, I don’t even consider what their legislation says I can or can’t do.  –  Colonel Nogov