So this anarchy salesman logs into the internet…

Article by Colonel Nogov on Mar. 20, 2015


As the title suggests, this article is about selling anarchy.  People don’t think of it this way, people don’t think of it as actually selling, but it is, and it needs to be thought of this way in order to be more effective.  More minds need to be freed.  The faster we free the caged minds, the sooner humanity will be free.

Every product needs to be sold.  Whether it’s cars, houses, ipods, energy drinks, etc.  Companies spend billions on advertising and hire sales people because of this fact.  It doesn’t matter how great the product is, it still needs to be sold.  Anarchy is no different.  We’ve got a superior product and we know it.  It just needs to be sold more effectively.

For those of you who aren’t accustomed to sales, this article can provide a few tips.

The number one most important thing in sales is you must believe in your product.
You must believe in it without a doubt.

In order to achieve this level of belief, you must know your product inside and out.  You must know its strengths and its weaknesses.  You must know and understand the competing products.  Fortunately for anarchism, there are very few weaknesses and its competitors(governments) have many.  There are perceived weaknesses in anarchism though.

Sales is about overcoming objections.  When we know our product inside and out, we already know the objections we’ll face.  Isn’t anarchy chaos?  Isn’t it the law of the jungle?  Who will build the roads?  etc.  Most anarchists already know how to overcome these.  If you don’t, spend some study time finding out what the objections are and the answers that overcome these objections.

Often times in sales, you will need to demonstrate how your product is better than what is currently being used.  We know anarchy is a superior product.  The alternative is a government.  Governments engage in democide.  Governments punish their citizens harshly for violations.  Police states.  Mass incarcerations.  Taxes/extortion.  Asset seizures.  Currency debasement.  Spying.  Human rights violations.  The list is endless.  Make comparisons.

People buy benefits.  Load ’em up.


Anarchy has a weakness.  You may actually think it’s a strength, and it is, but it is a weakness to many, many people.  The weakness is there aren’t any free riders.  Obviously those who understand economics know this is one of its great strengths, but in the minds of the masses, it’s a weakness.  This is why people are so easily sold on socialism.

People who pay little or no taxes into the system, but receive benefits are going to be very hard to convince.  There’s the obvious ones, the ones who receive direct benefits like welfare, social security, etc.  The not so obvious ones are the people who have cushy government jobs.  They get large salaries and benefits to do essentially nothing.  Nothing productive anyway.  Though they think they’re working.  It’s really nothing more than busy work.

Some of these people can be convinced.  They can be shown the horrors of government.  They can be shown the peace of anarchy.  They can be shown how taxes is wrong because it’s just a synonym for theft, and that they are the recipients of that theft.  The moral argument can be made.  But, ultimately, don’t spend much time with them.  Most of them don’t care about other people.  They want their free money that was stolen from others.  They have no morals.

Sales is a numbers game.  Move on to someone you can help.  Someone not sucking at the government teat.  We don’t need 100% of the people to break free of governments.  We only need a relatively small percentage.  You’re going to free a certain percentage of the people you engage with.  Get your numbers up.  Engage more people.  You don’t need to be pushy.  Start with a conversation.  Find some common ground and proceed from there.  With practice you’ll get better.  Analyze every conversation.  What did you do right?  What did you do wrong?  Improve.