Socialism; a teenager’s argument

Article by Cal Nogov on Feb. 4, 2016


I’m going to post this on my website for everyone to see, giving you full credit of course Mister Spicoli  Hoover.


Here is a facebook comment I thought deserved a little extra attention.  Apparently all of these countries have socialized medicine.  And I guess, also apparently, those people love it.  The implication being that the U.S. should have socialized medicine as well.

Where have I heard this argument before?  Oh yeah.  From every teenager.  –But Mom, everyone else is doing it–.  This is not an argument based on reason, logic and evidence.  It’s an appeal to groupthink.  What’s mom’s answer?  –If everyone where jumping off a cliff, would you do it too–?  Socialists don’t use evidence based arguments because they don’t have any.  They only use emotional appeals.  Emotional appeals are fine if you can back them up with evidence.  Socialists can’t back up their emotional appeals with evidence so they just don’t.

Of course people like free shit.  Shocking.  Go figure.  Socialists know this.  This is why there are two types of socialists.

The first type are the child-like adults.  Adults who refuse to face the reality of the real world.  I think of them as Peter Pans.  They refuse to grow up.  They want everything, but don’t want to work for it.  They’re like children who live with their parents.  Their rent is paid for.  Their food is paid for.  Their healthcare is paid for.  They are taken care of by their parents and they don’t have to do much.  They want this in their adult life so they want government to be their mommy and daddy.




The second type of socialists are the people who exploit the first type of socialists for their own gain.  Mainly politicians.  They tell the child-like socialists what they want to hear to gain wealth and power for themselves.  They throw the child-like socialists a few table scraps to keep them placated.

All socialists avoid evidence based arguments and moral arguments.  The moral argument being that it is wrong to take by force from some people to give it to other people regardless of the intentions or pragmatism.  (Aka theft/taxes)

If you look past the rosy kumbaya headlines and propaganda of the socialist healthcare listed above, you’ll find lots of problems.  You’ll find they are outrageously expensive.  Free healthcare costs a lot.  Workers are taxed at very high rates.  This leaves less money for other things.  You’ll find deteriorating quality, little or no innovation, doctor shortages, long wait times even when there is a life threatening illness, rationing, little or no choice in doctor selection, denial of procedures/treatments.  You’ll also find corruption and fraud.

It’s not as if the U.S. is a beacon of free market healthcare.  The U.S. is almost entirely socialist already.  Medicare, Medicaid, massive amounts of regulation, a giant insurance industry for healthcare.  The U.S. government spends around fifty cents out of every dollar spent on healthcare.  The U.S. healthcare industry has more subsidy programs than any other industry.  Read more about subsidies here.


The thing about socialism is that it doesn’t destroy an economy/society/industry instantly.  Socialism is like cancer.  It destroys slowly.  This can take decades even a couple generations.  The wealthier a country was, the longer it takes to destroy.  If a country was never wealthy, it can never become wealthy unless it moves in the direction of freedom/free markets.

And Yes, to answer your initial question, those people are trying to get away from their socialized health care.  The one’s who can anyway.  A five minute google search is all it takes to find this out.
Freedom brings prosperity.  Socialism brings misery.