“That Politician Is Dumber Than A Box Of Rocks!”

Article by Ben Doolin on Sept. 17, 2015


I don’t think I could count high enough, if I tried to count the number of times I’ve heard that said.

The problem is, that isn’t really accurate.

Without doubt, politicians do say some incredibly stupid things from time to time… and my guess is that most are of only slightly better than average intelligence (which isn’t saying much)… but knuckle dragging, mouth breathing morons… they aren’t.

So, why does it appear to be the case… so frequently?

One word: Motivation.

We assume that they are there to ‘represent us’ (because… that’s what they tell us).  From that perspective… why would they do the exact opposite of what common sense would dictate?

It’s simply because, they do not represent us.

Politicians have three primary motivations:




In that order.

None of these motivations is in alignment with ‘serving others’… and most often they are in direct conflict with ‘serving others’… as they lead to politicians committing crimes against those they are supposed to represent.


You have probably noticed, that when politicians declare wars… they never put themselves or their loved ones in harm’s way.  It is incredible how much restraint is possible by politicians when their ‘enemy’ has nuclear weapons… which means the politician would be personally at risk.


This almost always means ‘selling out’ to whomever will finance their next campaign.  By selling out… they effectively represent ‘those that pay them’.  For ‘the bottom 90%’… whether or not they like a bill… there is a 30% chance it will get passed… meaning that their wishes are not even considered.  On the other hand… if the top 10% do not want a bill… it has almost no chance of passing… and if they do want a bill there is an 80% chance of it passing.


This is a ‘side effect’ of constantly passing laws that only apply to congress when it benefits congressmen.  For example… it is completely legal for congressmen to sell ‘insider information’ (something that they kidnap, cage and torture us for).  It was briefly made illegal after news got out… but that law was quietly repealed a month later.

The net result is what appears to be complete stupidity.

The reality is they know exactly what they are doing… which turns them from stupid… to evil.