The Danger of ‘Half Measures’

Article by Ben Doolin on Sept. 24, 2015


A recent trend in local government… is body cams for cops.  While that may sound like a good idea… the risk is that the fury brewing over that mass murder of citizens by cops (more than 800 so far this year)… will cool… and the institution of public sector policing will be allowed to continue for that much longer.

There is also a huge shift politically in the US, away from both the democratic party… as well as the Republican party toward ‘Independent’… which is now larger than both Democrat and Republican parties combined.

The People understand that ‘Politicians’ lie, cheat, steal and do nothing for the benefit of ‘The People’.  The result has been huge growth in the Libertarian Party… which appears to be a logical alternative to ‘the status quo’.

The problem though… is that The Political System protects itself.  Part of that protection is allowing the appearance of the option for dissent (i.e. The Libertarian Political Party).  Since before The Constitution was signed… there were those that fought against the abuses of The State… the ‘Anti-Federalists’.  For over 200 years of effort in that direction, continuing with the Classical Liberals and now the modern Libertarian Political Party… the result is the largest, most dangerous, fastest growing State in human history.  It is my opinion that, if The Libertarian Political Party did not exist… The System would need to create it… so that it could continue to increase the speed at which it grows.  I don’t consider it unfair to suggest that the inclusion of dissent allowed The State to get ‘this far’… that in the absence of the appearance of acceptable dissent, The State might have fallen many decades ago.

The System is also… nearly omnipotent as it makes the ‘rules’ and can break any rule (or law) necessary to block any real change (see Ron Paul 2012)… and does so with the knowledge there will be no consequences.

Again, the risk in half measures (political activism)… is that it gives false hope… hope that things will change ‘if we can just do things this way’… when ‘that change’ is not even close to possible in reality.

Don’t fall for the lure of half measures… strike at the root… accept nothing less than freedom.