Article by Ben Doolin on Feb. 5, 2016


While it should be plainly obvious that truth is a binary proposition… the world we live in has convinced a super-majority that two people can hold opposing views… and both consider each other’s position to be ‘truth’.

For as completely insane as that sounds to me… and IS in reality… I’m going to guess that you understand exactly what I’m talking about… for having experienced it your whole life.

For example… it’s been estimated that there have been 10,000 gods that have been worshiped in human history.  Statistically speaking that means that any individual god has only a 0.01% chance of being ‘true’ as the norm for religion is to claim that ‘your god’ is the only ‘true god’.

However… nearly all of the religious people I’ve met are positive that ‘he can have his truth’… and ‘I can have mine’ referring to believers of different gods.

While this is protective of religious beliefs… it is complete insanity.

Government as well… would have us all believe (and it is the primary reason public schools exist) that ‘truth’ comes from authority… even where that truth is obviously false.

What is ‘true’ with regard to ‘personal truths’… is that it is absolutely possible to have ‘personal truths’.  By that, I am specifically referring to information that is exclusively available to the individual… like dreams.  Did you have a dream of a pink elephant? Maybe you did… maybe you didn’t… only you know.

That though, isn’t of too much interest to me.

What is of interest to me… is objective reality… the space we all share.

In objective reality (what is measurable by more than one individual) there can be only ‘one truth’.  The truth… does not care about you… or what you think.  The truth simply is… whether it is recognized and understood… or not.

In objective reality… we have a tool for determining truth.  It’s called the Scientific Method.  You take your theory and see if it holds up in reality.  Where it doesn’t… you need to figure out why your test was flawed… or accept that your theory is false.

This is the primary reason that logic, reason and science are very poorly covered in public school… and religions actively attack them.

Imagine being a counterfeiter… and someone develops a counterfeit detection machine.  You’d be terrified that all of the generations worth of effort to generate the wealth and power creating system you benefit from… were about to evaporate.  It is truly terrifying to those facing exposure.

In debate… truth… is a powerful lever against those that would like to ‘agree to disagree’.  Those individuals typically don’t want you to attack their false beliefs… and attempt to short circuit you by saying that ‘we should agree to disagree’… often also believing that ‘multiple truths’ are possible.

In reality… ‘agree to disagree’ only applies to opinions.

Where objective reality is the subject… there is only one truth.  So, the options are… accept reality… or don’t.


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  1. February 18, 2016 at 5:40 pm

    “Agree to disagree” is a useful tool when one or both people on two sides of a disagreement realize that a lifetime would not be time enough to change the other’s mind. Other than that I find no fault with your article and, in fact, agree with it. Well written.

  2. February 7, 2016 at 2:31 pm

    Science says:
    1. “Intelligence” is well defined as the ability to predict and control events in the real world (as in experiments).

    2. “Truth” is a category of information.

    3. Information may be “true” or “false”.

    4. Information is true when belief that it is true increases one’s intelligence – or when belief that it is false diminishes one’s intelligence.

    5. Information is false when belief that it is false increases one’s intelligence – or when belief that it is true diminishes one’s intelligence.

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