What is imagined vs. what is real

Article by Colonel Nogov on May 14, 2015


Imagined:  Politicians are your representatives.
Reality:  Politicians are your rulers.

Imagined:  Police protect and serve the public.
Reality:  Police serve the rulers and enforce their commands(aka legislation).

Imagined:  Legislation is written for the good of society.
Reality:  Legislation is written for the benefit of some to the detriment of others.

Imagined:  The purpose of government schools is to educate children.
Reality:  The purpose of government schools is to indoctrinate children.

Imagined:  Judges are fair and impartial.
Reality:  Judges serve the politicians and powerful special interests.

Imagined:  Taxes are necessary for society to function.
Reality:  Taxes are an extortion racket run by the government to enrich politicians and the politically connected.

Imagined:  Markets need to be regulated by government to be fair, honest and safe.
Reality:  Free markets are fair, honest and safe.  Markets regulated by government, aka manipulated, is for the purpose of giving some market participants unfair advantages over others.

Imagined:  The military protects our freedom.
Reality:  The military has nothing to do with protecting our freedom.  The military is a tool used by the government to intimidate and steal from other nations.

Imagined:  Without government there would be chaos.
Reality:  Without government there would be freedom.

Imagined:  The constitution protects our freedom by limiting government.
Reality:  The government ignores the constitution.  Clinging to the constitution has the effect of enslaving your mind.  It blinds you to the possibility of real freedom.