An underutilized resource for anarchists

Article by Cal Nogov on Dec. 11, 2015


In a word:  Craigslist.  The politics section there is lively with left/right discord, but rare is the libertarian/anarchist represented.  I post there with good results.  I post a link and a meme.  I try to keep five to ten ads up all the time in two markets.  I get a lot of click thru’s from there.  Some of those click thru’s even become regular readers.  (A big thank you to all the regular readers of this blog.)

The average person going to the politics section of craigslist is generally just looking for confirmation bias.  They’re scrolling through in gallery mode looking at the memes to cheer on their team or boo the other team when something like this pops up:




For a split second they get some cognitive dissonance.  Read here why that split second of cognitive dissonance is important.

Most people have a belief system based on the false left/right paradigm.  Think of this belief system as a castle wall.  A brief flash of cognitive dissonance is like a cannon ball hitting that castle wall.  One cannon ball isn’t going to break through, but a constant barrage of cannon balls hitting that wall will eventually break through.

For thoughtful people whose irrational belief system isn’t very deep, they will bring their wall down more quickly to investigate.  Different people have different thicknesses of this wall, but all walls can be brought down if they see the truth enough times.

What to post on craigslist?  Memes and a link are great.  You are free to grab my memes and link to my articles, pages or home page.


Use other great memes you find in your facebook feed.  I don’t think anyone would object to you posting their memes.  After all the whole point is to spread these memes far and wide.  You can link to someones blog or specific article in their blog.  You can link to a youtube channel or specific youtube video.  You can link to a facebook page or group, but be aware the person clicking this link must have a facebook account and be logged in for this link to work.  Cop exposure websites and alternative media websites are also great places to link to.

Why stick to only two markets?  I’ve got more information here.  The craigslist internal controls prevent you from going beyond two markets.  If you stay within two markets, you can pretty much post as much as you want without the craigslist bots pulling your ads.  Once you expand beyond two markets, the craigslist bots consider you a spammer and start automatically pulling your ads.  (a side note:  there are ways to defeat the craigslist bots but it gets pretty complicated)

It’s quick and easy to make these craigslist posts.  Craigslist makes it easy to renew and repost these ads too.  So once your ads are up, you can keep them up with a few minutes time once in a while.

Being the season where the demagogues are all vying to be the war monger in chief, the craiglist politics section is especially lively.