The empty words of Chicago’s Mayor

Article by Cal Nogov on Dec. 9, 2015


Rahm Emanuel recently said in public he “takes responsibility” for the police abuse in the city.  See headline.




“I take responsibility for what happened because it happened on my watch” – Rahm Emanuel

Really?  So he’s prepared to accept the consequences for police kidnapping, assaulting, and even murdering innocent people?  The consequence for that is public execution or at best life in prison without parole.  Is that what he’s prepared to accept as responsibility?  Fuck no.

He just wants to sound responsible.  Like a responsible adult.  Like a community leader.  Noble and honorable.  He is none of those things.  It’s typical politician bullshit.  Being responsible means accepting the consequences.  I can say with 100% certainty he is not prepared to accept the consequences.

If he truly wanted to take responsibility for the violence committed by his police force, he would order a gallows built in downtown Chicago.  He would walk on to the platform.  Put his head in the noose.  Say his goodbyes and apologies.  Then order someone to pull the lever on the trap door.

Short of that, his claim to take  “responsibility” is just empty words fed to a brain dead population.