Anything but gold, oh wait!

Article by Colonel Nogov on Jan. 16, 2015

I love gold.  The shiny metal is magical.  I love the look of the jewelry made with it.  I love the coins.  When you hold a gold coin, you notice the weight of it.  It’s heavy.  It feels real.  Mostly I love it because it protects me from the dollar.

People like me have been slowly, quietly accumulating gold, physical gold, not the gold paper contracts.  We’ve been waiting patiently, watching the madness in the world.  We watch as all the governments of the world print currency by the trillions as if increasing the medium of exchange actually increases the production of goods in the world.  They call it quantitative easing, whatever that means.  It’s a word jumble to hypnotize the masses.  If you look up the two words it means; quantity lack of difficulty.

We know the system is going to crash.  We wonder when.  We understand economics.  We understand the boom and bust cycle is caused by money printing.  We know the mother of all busts is coming.  We’re not doomsdayers, we see financial catastrophe coming as clear as an F5 tornado on the horizon.  It’s not an imaginary threat.

With the alleged end of quantitative easing, we see the markets begin to crash.  Oil is the most visible, but there are others.  Beef, pork and lumber are also crashing to name a few.  Is this it, we think to ourselves?  I do.

Gold has begun it’s rise.  It had a couple of false starts in 2014, but they were not preceded by crashes in other commodity markets.  Gold is already up 9% in 2015 and today is only January 16th.  Silver is up 13%.

The only question that remains is:  What do the money printers do?  Do they let the mother of all busts collapse all the markets or do they print the dollar into hyperinflation and destroy it?  Those are their only two options left.  In either case everyone will rush into gold.  In the end, gold will be the only thing left standing.