Dear Anarchist *8

Article by Cal Nogov on Jan. 5, 2017


-So, I’ve been a voluntaryist for a while, thanks to some prominent sources.  One thing that’s been bugging me though, is in a world with no government, how could we protect the environment from further harm?  I’m sure you have an answer.-


Your message heading said ‘climate change’, so I’m not sure if you’re asking about the global warming type climate change promoted as imminently catastrophic, or just local environments.  I’ll answer both.

As far as climate change goes, (global warming) there’s nothing to be done other than adapt.  Humans are incredibly adaptable, living in every environment on the planet.   From what I’ve read on the subject the planet goes through regular warming and cooling cycles affected either not at all by humans, or in such a small way as to be unnoticeable.  I also find it extremely dangerous that people think they can plan the global temperature.  Just as I think it’s dangerous when people think they can plan an economy.

If you’re talking about local environments like pollution in lakes and rivers and such, this problem is solved through private property, free markets, and effective dispute resolution systems.

Private property owners take care of their properties far better than governments controlling public property in common (see concept tragedy of the commons).  Governments and crony businesses are the biggest polluters on the planet.

Free markets are much more highly effective regulators than governments.  Consumers are free to punish polluting businesses by boycott.  Effective dispute resolution systems can also be used for businesses or individuals who pollute neighboring properties, waterways, and ground water.

Free markets also have the added benefit of creating prosperity.  When people become prosperous as individuals or groups, they set about cleaning up the environment around them.  The reverse is also true.  When governments are overbearing, they destroy economies.  When people are destitute, they tend to live in squalor.  Although they may think about their immediate environment, they can’t do much about it because they are spending all of their time and resources on just surviving.  They will often also develop a ‘who cares’ attitude.

Free markets and free people make for a better world and a beautiful planet.

Thanks for the question. – Cal