For the kids

Article by Ben Doolin on Feb. 9, 2017



Society is based around the destruction of children.  While that may sound shocking, it’s probably the ‘most true’ point a person could make regarding our current culture, based on the volume of supporting evidence.

The most disturbing part of this fact is the universal claim that ‘it’s all for the children’.  Every time a politician makes that claim, he knows he’ll be able to get what he wants.  Anyone attempting to go against ‘for the children’ will face significant social consequences.


The volume of content explaining why public ‘education’ is so destructive is mind boggling.  At the core, it exists to destroy children for the benefit of Public Sector Union members.  The American Federation of Teachers president Al Shanker was unexpectedly honest in saying: “When school children start paying union dues, that’s when I’ll start representing the interests of school children.”  The model was built on the Prussian military school model which is designed to produce order followers for factories and the military.

-Segregation By Age
-Segregation By Subject
-Teaching False Information
-Withholding True Information
-Teaching Truth Comes From Authority
-Forced Obedience To The Unworthy
-Compelled To Go
-No Recourse

All are bad for children from and education perspective as well as a mental health perspective.

It’s also all based on the faulty concept that education is something you can ‘do to someone’.  The reality is that learning happens when the student seeks out knowledge that is needed and wanted.  Consider for a moment how you feel when told you are about to be forced to do something vs. doing something that was your own idea, simply because you wanted to.  Even if it’s something you usually like, knowing it’s being forced completely changes the dynamic.  We understand that that is the difference between consensual sex and rape.

Many suggest that schooling allows for socialization but it really does just about everything that can be done to prevent it.  Children are segregated by age, forced to be around people they did not choose, are told to sit still and do not talk and even recess is being shortened or eliminated entirely.  So, school really is an ‘anti-social’ environment.

The entire system is also fear / violence based.  The parents and even non-parents are forced to pay for it or be kidnapped, caged and tortured.  Both student and parent face the same consequences for failing to attend.  In class, students understand that failure to comply will result in escalating degrees of violence used against them.  It used to be direct violence in the form of beating with implements (something now illegal in many states as well as countries), but has escalated to the use of lethal, brain damaging drugs, which would not even be allowed for animals in a zoo.

In the same way that a pack of wolves does not need to gather and plan out a hunt, Public Sector Union members ‘look out for each other’.  They often support or participate in each other’s strikes and political actions.  They also ‘feed each other’ business.  In this case, not only do teachers insist The State is good and necessary (self preservation) but they prepare children for the Prison System.

There is now a law that makes school yard fights a felony.  Stealing a kiss is now a ‘sex offense’ and six year olds are regularly placed in handcuffs by cops that are now permanently stationed at the school.


To The State, children are a resource and a threat. In the same way that ranchers will cut the horns off a bull so they don’t get gored, The State does not want children that can use logic and reason to solve problems. The State would be exposed as the violent fraud that it is, being completely evil and unnecessary.

If you doubt that assertion, imagine any other ‘special interest group’ (yes The State is a special interest group and one that has the ability to enforce its own interest) like a fast food chain, say McDonald’s.  If they were in charge of education, do you think that the children would receive accurate information about what’s in their food, the health implications or the nutritional value?  No, you can be guaranteed that the children would only hear about how good it tastes and how fun it is… you might even hear about how great it is for you or that it cures cancer.

Once the Statist indoctrination is complete, the child will grow up, willing to have half of his income stolen, willing to follow any random rule, and far worse, they will attack other tax cattle that do not want to participate in their own abuse.  That mindset, drilled in as a child is also nearly impossible to dislodge.

Another State institution that claims to exist for the benefit of children is Child Protective Services, ‘CPS’.   The State though, really does not care at all about children.  They are just problems to be dealt with.  The result is a constant stream of stories of children taken from safe, loving homes because of ‘rule violations’ that have nothing to do with the safety of the children, and placed where the child is brutally abused or murdered.

A trend occurring more frequent lately is the release of stories of the politically powerful being caught participating in child sex rings.  Both Bill and Hilary Clinton have been accused as well as a very large percentage of the British government.

Because they are powerless, children are also subject to rules that adults would never submit to and the list of absurd rules grows by the day.  One example is that cannabis and alcohol are crimes for children but not adults.  That says ‘drugs and alcohol are potentially dangerous… so if we catch you with them… we will fucking destroy your life’.  Another example, in many places today, children cannot even play in their own front yard without a parent present.  This elimination of unstructured, outside play time has eliminated one of the most important life lessons people learn… which is the ability to cooperate and negotiate.

When children play, they need to have the perception that the game is fair or they’ll just leave.  So, negotiations happen, so all can have a good time.  The consequence for not negotiating is social ostracism, which can be physically painful.

Children that grow up without the ability to negotiate will come to see the use of force to get what they want as a reasonable option, even though that is the perspective of the rapist.  It benefits The State because that is exactly how The State operates.

Since The State is win/lose in all interactions, it’s good with people never learning how to reach win/win deals… or even that that is a possibility that exists.

Children that don’t spend time outside when young also have a reduced appreciation for the environment.  That too benefits The State since it is the worst polluter.


Religion mirrors The State in many ways.  Like The State, it sees children as a resource.  Again, like The State… it needs to damage children for its benefit as well as its own existence.  If children were allowed to grow to the age of twenty-five before being exposed to religion, religion would end in a single generation.  A child damaged by religion, most often will never recover.  Few raised religiously reject the demands for cash made by The Church which is often 10% of income.  Many will even murder in the name of their god.

Stories of religion based child sexual abuse are exposed almost daily.  In addition to the huge count of children raped by Catholic Priests, sex with children is a ‘built in’ part of Islam going all the way back to the prophet Mohammad who took a nine year old wife.

There are ‘often repeated’ stories of Muslim girls being raped to death on their ‘wedding night’.

The worst part of religion for children is the systematic torture.  If you were to threaten to kill a man, you could end up in prison.  Threaten a child with eternal torture and there is no problem at all.

In this way, religion is far worse than The State.  While both push damaging lies, religion goes farther in destroying the child’s capacity to distinguish reality from fantasy.  For this reason, religion is probably the single worst form of child abuse.  A broken leg will heal; a broken mind might not heal… ever.


Participation trophies.  Everyone wins, regardless of effort, degree of success, or results.  This practice strips away learning opportunities for children in some very important subjects. It teaches that the amount of effort made does not matter.  It teaches that results do not matter.  It teaches that children should be rewarded for simply existing.  No part of life works that way.

Claiming the results of success without putting in the effort is theft.  Since society is structured and completely controlled by The State, participation trophies are encouraged because The State is founded in theft.

Children are also the only group of people that can be systematically lied to.  Santa, The Easter Bunny, The Tooth Fairy in addition to gods… are just a few of the lies almost all children are told.  The societal acceptance of lying to children is so strong that if you tell a child the truth, there is a serious possibility of being verbally or even physically assaulted for it.

These lies (religion in particular) disconnect children from reality.  Children are naturally logical and rational.  That part of children is systematically destroyed by society.

There is no other group of humans that can be beaten without consequences.  The State even details how the assaults are to be executed.  Religion goes a step further by suggestion that assaulting children is necessary, ‘spare the rod, spoil the child.’

Putting society’s value of children into perspective, on average there are several children per day that are murdered in the US (five are murdered by their own parents every day).  Those stories almost never make the news, the exceptions being when a tragedy is beneficial to The State, usually by scaring parents with the idea of ‘stranger danger’ when the reality is that you are more likely to be struck by lightening… twice, than to have a stranger kidnap and kill your child.  So, we have several murdered children per day and almost none make the news, however if a lion, giraffe or gorilla gets killed, it’s national news for weeks.

College is a scam inflicted on the young by adults and almost all of society is behind the idea that every child should go.  To start off with, those with a below average IQ probably won’t get much out of college.  Next is the idea that the marginal cost to deliver educational content is almost nothing, MIT even has their courses available online for free.  The difference is that little piece of paper… which society says you have to have, even though there are nearly free and much better ways to prove you have the knowledge you need, like certified testing.

So, instead of nearly free education, students leave college with tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.  The State ‘piled on’ by creating an ‘accreditation system’ which suggests that ‘it’ is the difference between a real education and a fraud.  It exploded the price of college by making ‘easy money’ available to everyone and the final nail in that coffin is that The State made student debt non-dischargeable which has resulted in lifelong debt slaves that often owe more after 30 years of paying than they borrowed in the first place.

Children and even the unborn are also burdened with the national debt.  Politicians have made lavish retirements the ‘perk of choice’.  This is because they can get people to ‘pay in now’, which allows politicians to spend all of that money now, with the promise of a manifold return after retirement, at which point the politician has retired as well, so faces no consequences.  Older voters are also known for their tendency to vote, so you can be sure that it will be tax increases on the young before benefits are cut for the old.

I believe it probable that all children at one point come to the realization that adults are conspiring against them.  If children complain about an abusive teacher, odds are the child will be accused of having ‘earned’ the bad treatment.  While teachers are usually ‘mandated reporters’, that is not for the benefit of the children.  It’s to benefit State workers.  The parents will be forced into the court system and maybe even jail while the child may end up a ward of The State, forced to suffer the life threatening ‘care’ of CPS.

Even when serious abuse occurs, it’s far more likely (even for mandated reporters) to ‘just look the other way’ protecting the adult over the child.  Sandusky is a perfect example of this.  Very many people had the opportunity to intervene.  It’s even worse for the Catholic Church which simply transferred child rapists, apparently to intentionally enable them to continue raping children without consequence.

I’ve heard it said that it must be suicidal to be virtuous, since it’s so rare.  Personally, I think it has more to do with the involuntary relationships of children.  When an adult is shitty to a child, the child typically can do nothing about it… more or less end the relationship. On the other hand, adults capable of intervening are putting relationships on the line, so… almost never do.


To children, parents are very much ‘god-like’ giants.  Physically, parents are many times as big and strong… mentally they are wizards by comparison.  So, imagine being trapped in a castle with an unpredictable ‘giant-god’ that understands things you can’t comprehend, that thinks it must on occasion beat you and sometimes becomes enraged and beats you whether or not you had any part in creating that rage.

That, is a good parallel for most children in the US as close to 90% of parents still admit to assaulting (or insert your favorite euphemism… like spanking, a swat, a whoppin’) their children, many starting as early as age one, even though we are in the information age and there is an abundance of information clearly showing the damage it does.

The involuntary nature of that relationship means there is no way for a child to stop the abuse.  An adult can quit if he has an abusive boss.  A wife can divorce an abusive husband but a child has no course of action to stop abuse.  If a child calls the police, odds are, when the cops arrive they’ll explain to the child why they were in the wrong and deserved the assault.

In adult relationships, we understand that a power disparity is problematic.  A sexual relationship between a boss and a subordinate is generally not allowed because of the possibility of coercion.  The parent child relationship is immeasurably worse with regard to the power disparity.  For that reason, parents should be incredibly cautions and aware any time coercion is possible.  The goal should be to use the lightest touch possible and to rely on respect, negotiation, planning and role modeling…. working collaboratively with the child to resolve issues.

I’ve seen it dozens of times, parents that treat their children as if they have no preferences and suggesting they have no right to have them if they ever do express them.  Not only is that damaging to the child by suggesting that the child is so worthless that what she wants is completely meaningless, but it prepares the child to accept The State, which exists in direct opposition to the desires of the people and uses violence to back it up.

There is also the decades long trend toward over-parenting, AKA ‘helicopter parenting’.  It might seem like a positive, at least compared to neglect, but it robs children of necessary life lessons.  Not being allowed to play outside robs children of the respect and appreciation of nature.  Not being allowed to have unstructured play time, robs children of the opportunity to build social skills as well as the lessons in negotiation.

‘Honor thy mother and father’.  Straight from the bible and the foundational rule for the majority of households in the US.  It’s so common that it doesn’t even sound strange.  It doesn’t take much thought though to realize this position has the same problems as ‘participation trophies’ in that the recipient has no obligation to make any effort at all to get the associated benefits.  In fact, it is even worse because a child might not get the trophy if he is beating or otherwise abusing the other participants.

Parents expect to be able to abuse their children and not only be respected and honored but given resources in old age.  Legislators in China (that were no doubt aging and shitty to their kids) went so far as to codify the obligation of children to provide time and resources to their aging parents regardless of how abusive they were.  That actually sounds like it might increase the count of involuntary euthanasia for some of the worst parents.

‘Honor thy mother and father’ is also a sociopathic demand.  Good people do not need to demand that others respect them.  So, it’s an admission up front that the parents do not intend to be good people.

Parents are also the only people allowed to involuntarily remove properly functioning body parts from other humans… in this case, their own children.  While female genital mutilation is rare in the US, it’s still common elsewhere.  Still common in the US is male genital mutilation, AKA ‘circumcision’.  This procedure cuts about half of the skin off of the penis, some of the most sensitive skin on the human body and it’s done without anesthesia while the baby is awake.  It’s brutal, barbaric, unnecessary, and puts the baby at risk of surgical errors.  Every year several boys have half of their penis cut completely off.  Any parent considering circumcision should first cut half the skin off their own genitals, while awake, with no anesthesia.  If you aren’t willing, you shouldn’t inflict that on others (to be clear, even if you did and liked it, you should not do that to others, particularly those not even capable of consent).

Consistent with the subject here (abuse labeled ‘for the benefit of the kids’), is the universal taboo of child sexual abuse.  As universal as the claim that it shouldn’t happen… is the universal fact that it always has… everywhere.  Through all of history, in every culture… child sexual abuse has been both taboo and the norm.  As an example, in one culture, it was common practice for magic to be used to determine if a girl was a virgin (a prerequisite for marriage) because twelve year old girls never had intact hymens.

Children are also the only people that can be legally killed by citizens.  The number of abortions in the US is staggering.  While I personally don’t have much issue with very early abortions, I have a really hard time with a ‘procedure’ that intentionally, permanently and involuntarily stops a beating heart.  That, though, isn’t even close to how bad the reality is.  Partial birth abortion is a baby, brought to term then murdered and dismembered without anesthesia, during delivery.

In conclusion, The State can only exist as long as children are abused… as a child raised peacefully will not accept the violence and coercion as the foundation for relationships.