It’s the Law!!

Article by Ben Doolin on Apr. 4, 2016


What is surprising to me… is that there are still people… possibly still a majority, that think there is a relationship between ‘legal’ and ‘moral’.

This came up for me recently when dealing with a petty tyrant (aka a bureaucrat).  I found out that I needed to deliver documentation to this particular criminal and the catch was I didn’t have time to mail it (which would have had to have been done via certified mail), so I would have to make a three hour round trip to drop it off.

I asked if I could fax or e-mail the documentation, to which she responded ‘no’.  While attempting to explain both the stupidity and pointlessness… she cut me off and said ‘It’s The Law!’, doing so in a very smug tone of voice… as if she had played the Trump card.

Unfortunately, that is pretty much the case.  Her statement directly translates to ‘Do what I fucking tell you to do, the way I fucking tell you to do it… or I will fucking shoot you in the face’ (keep in mind, we’re simply talking about the timely delivery of paperwork).   Of course the reality is that she was WAY too much of a coward to actually commit violence herself… but she knows that she has an army of sociopaths that are more than willing to commit acts of violence and cruelty while covered by the facade of legitimacy.

The Propagandists of The State have been very successful in ‘selling’ this equation.  Effectively… any random, immoral, unethical, criminal, violent, sociopathic, homicidal, larcenous ‘rule’ that they make… instantly becomes ‘moral’ and perfectly acceptable.

What has always been unbelievable to me with regard to legislation is the bizarre results of ‘legalization’.  The State will take an act that they had previously declared ‘illegal’ (read immoral) and instantly declare it ‘legal’ (read moral)… just like that.  Do something yesterday, you get kidnapped, robbed, caged and tortured… do it today… and it’s perfectly fine.  Even more bizarre is that the people that ‘did it’ yesterday… continue to be caged and tortured… because THEY DID IT YESTERDAY!

To put the ‘moral’ aspect of legislation into perspective… the following are just a few of the completely insane things that have been or are ‘legal’:

Segregation – The ‘legitimization’ of systematic oppression by race.

Slavery – The nation was founded on it. This included the Fugitive Slave Act which mandated that law enforcement help slave catchers… who could catch free men and ‘return’ them to slavery.  Once caught there was no ‘due process’ and they had no rights.

War – Almost always motivated by power lust and profit… a few rich white men send thousands or millions to their death.

The Criminal Justice System – The State injecting itself where it has no business… to extract wealth and gain power for themselves… at everyone else’s expense.

Monopoly Creation & Enforcement – The State, again for their own wealth and power… ‘regulate’ competition out of business leaving us with inferior product & service at a premium price… while shrinking the overall economy which further harms everyone.

Prohibition – In the 1920’s with alcohol… and today with ‘illegal drugs’ (which kill far fewer than ‘legal drugs’) resulted in massive increases in violent crime and the destruction of millions of lives.

Taxation – The involuntary taking of property.  Simple theft on a scale unmatched in human history.

Regulation – Almost always created by un-elected ‘officials’ with no accountability.  It often has the same weight in criminal consequences and the page count is so high it would take 300 lifetimes to read.  Additionally, much of it is incomprehensible… even to the judges that are supposed to rule on them.
In conclusion, legislation has NO relationship to morality… and is always logically false.  It is simply a random ‘rule’ backed up with a death threat: ‘Do as I say… or I will fucking shoot you in the face.’