A criticism of anarcho-capitalism rebutted

Article by Cal Nogov on Apr. 11, 2016


money money money profits profits money money profits money profits profits money money money profits profits.

The argument goes like this:  Everything is about money.  It’s always about making money and making profits.  It’s completely shallow and immoral.

This is false.

Anarcho-capitalism stands for “no rulers” –anarcho and “private property” — capitalism.  Private property starts with your mind and body and goes from there.  You can produce and trade to increase the property you own.  You have the right to use or dispose of your property as you see fit.

You can use your property to do charity work without thought of profit.  You can use your property to improve humanity such as inventing and building products and services with or without thought of profit.

A man may want to build the tallest skyscaper in the world.  The profitability of such a project is questionable, but he does it anyway out of shear ego or desire for fame.

A guy may want to homestead or purchase a piece of land to build apartments to give away or sell cheaply to people he feels are disadvantaged.

One of my family members, a woman, enjoys hosting kids events.  3 or 4 times a year she throws what amounts to be a children’s party with activities and stuff.  She does this at her own expense.  The children in the community love her.  The parents in the community love her.  This is her motivation.

There are many motives besides money and profit.  Anarcho-capitalism allows for all of these motives.  Money and profit is only the most common because, after all, we all have to make a living.  Our survival is not guaranteed simply by the fact of being alive.  We must work to feed ourselves at the very least.  Using a medium of exchange (money) is the most convenient and efficient way to trade.  The division of labor and trade increases humanities standard of living on the whole.

One could even renounce money altogether if one desired.  Homestead a piece of land and grow all your own food.  Raise and slaughter all your own livestock.  Make all your own cloths.  Build a cabin or mud hut.  Dig a well.  Make your own soap.  Make your own toothbrush and toothpaste.  Produce only enough to sustain your life.

Anarcho-capitalism is not about money and profits.  It’s about freedom.  Freedom to do what you want with your life.