The Human Constitution

Article by Ben Doolin on Mar. 27, 2017


All men are created equal.

That’s it. By equal, I’m not talking about equality of outcome (which requires theft to enact) but equality of rights, which at a minimum includes the right to self ownership and the right to own property.

In this article, I’ll give five examples of problems in society, for which the The State claims to exist to deal with. In response, I’ll show how equality alone solves them.


Public schools around the nation are popping out students that can’t read. Many schools have graduation rates below 50% and even those that do graduate often need remedial reading and writing classes just to be able to fill out a job application.

It wasn’t always this way, in the 1800s literacy rate percentages were in the 90s and the quality of literature consumed would be difficult for the average college graduate today.

So… what happened?

Some people decided that they were ‘more equal’ than everyone else, that they should be able to make random rules and use force to make others follow those rules. They decided in their infinite (lack of) wisdom that ‘equality of outcome’ should be the goal, that everyone should be forced to pay for schools so ‘even the poor’ could go.

Keep in mind that access to education wasn’t a problem for the poor.

So, when forced to pay a very high price for the ‘public option’, few could afford to also pay again for a ‘private option’ and many alternatives were simply shut down by The State.

Education in the US has been in decline ever since, and that decline would never have happened if ‘The Human Constitution’ had been followed, as there would be no one able to force people into low-quality schools nor would their money be stolen to fund them.


In the US after World War II, poverty was declining at the rate of 1% per year. With the poverty rate down to 8% and the end of poverty in sight, The State, led by Lyndon Johnson, stepped in to solve the problem of poverty (ending).

At that point, the poverty rate flat-lined. Today, 80% of the nation is in or just above the poverty line, while the welfare state programs have destroyed black families and created a permanent underclass that is inescapable for most.

The biggest chunk of ‘newly poor’ got that way through regulation.  Since World War II, new regulation has cut 2% per year from the GDP, leaving the US at $17 trillion instead of $54 trillion. There just isn’t enough productivity to keep half the nation out of poverty.

While many point to the rich as the problem, they are simply a symptom of the real problem, The State. If you confiscated all of the wealth of all of the wealthiest men in America it would cover the cost of government for little more than a month.

So, what happened? Again, The State made people ‘unequal’. It granted near or total monopoly rights to a few large corporations. This makes it illegal or impossible, in practical terms, to open a business that can compete against them. Following ‘The Human Constitution’, this would not be possible and the involuntarily poor would not exist.


No doubt most people know about someone that has destroyed their life with drugs.

The State’s first attempt at prohibition was a complete failure. After amending the constitution to make alcohol illegal, crime skyrocketed. Fueled by the massive profits only possible because of prohibition, gangs could buy off entire cities.

Being the ‘drug of choice’ for most of America, it made most people criminals overnight. Amending the constitution again, to lift probation, almost immediately solved the problem.

Cannabis was the next target of prohibition. This time, though, it wasn’t a popular uprising as the motivating factor, but industries looking for protection from competition. Hemp makes excellent cloth and was the primary material for ship sails and rope, so it presented a threat to cotton producers. Hemp makes excellent paper, so was a threat to timber interests. Hemp produces clean oil which was a threat to crude oil interests. Hemp is also one of the most medicinally active substances on earth, so presented a threat to Pharma… which was in its infancy (not yet ‘big’), being pushed by John D. Rockefeller (founder of standard oil).

The State, instead of following its own rules and amending the constitution, decided to tax hemp production via the sale of tax stamps. Then they just refused to sell the stamps. Blatant corruption is so much easier than following the rules.

The next step in cannabis prohibition was Nixon’s declaration of the War on Drugs. That was in reality, a declaration of war on the American People, specifically, Nixon’s political enemies, the hippies.

With this new political weapon, he could kidnap, cage & torture his political enemies at will.

The result was ‘mass incarceration’ of people that had violated no person or property (i.e. not for any crime committed). This mass incarceration was used as justification to raise taxes, often coinciding with fear mongering about ‘the pusher man’ who is going to get your kids hooked on drugs, or of the (often black) addict that will not be able to help but rape your daughter.

The revenue stream got so big that the revenue became the goal. The NYPD has been repeatedly exposed for having arrest quotas that result in drugs being planted on people so they could be arrested and charged.

From the perspective of the police ‘what difference does it make?’ After all, even people that had drugs haven’t committed any crime, so if they can ruin your life for not committing a crime, what difference is it if you actually had drugs on you? They just randomly (racially) select people whose lives will be sacrificed to fund their retirement plan.

Among the worst outcome of State involvement with drugs is Big Pharma. By making recreational pharmaceuticals illegal and enforcing monopolies for Pharma through patents, Big Pharma is able to extort hundreds of billions in ‘unearned profits’ while killing millions of Americans every year because nontoxic alternatives have been made illegal.

What happened?

The State decided a few people should have the exclusive right to sell drugs. Those people became billionaires by ruining (or ending) millions of lives and ripping off nearly everyone else. In the absence of the granting of inequality by The State, there would be no prohibition premium on ‘street drugs’, so no associated drug distribution crime and no crime associated with the purchase price, as anyone would easily be able to afford to overdose multiple times on a minimum wage job. Similarly, no one will be forced to sell their house to be able to afford life-saving drugs.


We’ve discussed how The State’s use of prohibition has resulted in much of the private sector crime in American history. We’ve also discussed how The State granting monopolies has harmed the economy, which has also pushed people towards crime.

What we haven’t yet discussed is the worst form of human inequality and that is the lack of ‘personhood’ for children.

While children are clearly not mentally competent, there’s no reason that it should mean that they have no rights at all, but that is where we are. Children are the only humans that can be assaulted legally. Children are the only humans that can be legally threatened. Nearly all children are physically abused and about half are sexually abused. Often when sexual abuse is exposed, nothing is done about it. Worst of all, children are the only humans that are legal to kill. They can be murdered and dismember during delivery in what’s euphemistically called partial-birth abortions.

It’s good that abused children do not universally turn to crime… because just about everyone would be a criminal. It is true, though, that nearly all prison inmates suffered through the extreme end of child abuse.

What happened?

The State could not exist if children were not abused… as they would grow up unwilling to accept the idea of violence as the foundation of relationships.  So, The State can’t allow ‘The Human Constitution’ to apply to children.


Historically, war was fought for territory. The political geography of Europe represents the points on the continent where warring nations ran out of resources and negotiated borders.

Today, war is simply an excuse to waste tax dollars to earn kickbacks for politicians. Aggressive warfare is a crime that politicians can be executed for so, modern warfare is always in ‘response’ to manufactured ‘events’ that justify military action.

What happened?

Politicians have decided that they are ‘more equal’ than the rest of us, and gave themselves the right to decide how much of our property they will take as well as deciding that they can borrow in ‘our name’. Without theft funding it, war would not be possible. As a rule ‘The People’ do not want war, as it’s always immoral, almost always unnecessary, ‘The People’ have nothing to gain, and are forced to both pay the financial cost as well as the human cost.

This article could be 1000 pages long, listing problems humans face and how The State created those problems by refusing to recognize ‘The Human Constitution’… all men are created equal.



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