Time to throw Hillary under the bus

Article by Cal Nogov on Jan. 13, 2016


I read a recent headline that claimed 75% of U.S. believe government is corrupt.  You know what that means.  It’s time for that most amusing of spectacles:  Throw someone under the bus.

Well, it looks like Hillary is the one getting chucked.  I keep reading about FBI investigations and prosecutors might indict.  Why now?  Why not after email-gate or benghazi-gate?  Or the other multitude of criminal activity this woman engages in?

It’s a show.  Political theater.  The politicians are in ‘protect the system’ mode.  When the peasants are up in arms, something must be done.  That means someone has to be thrown under the bus for appeasement purposes.  You prosecute someone and go ‘see the system’s working’.  The peasants get their pound of flesh and go back to sleep.  It’s a winning formula.  The peasants fall for it every time.

Hillary doesn’t want to be chucked under the bus, but she knows the game.  She knows she’s up.  She also knows the worst thing that will happen to her is that she’ll be forced out of the presidential race.  Even if she gets convicted, which I think is highly likely, she’ll never do jail time.  The next president will pardon her claiming ‘national security’ or some other bullshit.

It’s a big club.  The politicians protect each other’s scams and criminal activity.  It’s only when the peasants get too uppity that they throw someone under the bus.

It will also make for a good side show keeping the peasants occupied as the economy collapses around them.





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