Violent thoughts vs. violent actions

Article by Colonel Nogov on July 8, 2015


The line between violent thought and violent action is huge.  It’s not just huge, it’s gaping chasm huge.  Very few people commit acts of violence.  And when I say very few I mean such a tiny percentage, once I tell you, you’ll wonder why we have government.

Here is a snippet from the FBI’s webpage regarding violent crime:

In a single year in the U.S., less than one half of one percent of people are victims of a violent crime.  (aggravated assault, robbery, forcible rape, murder)  four tenths of one percent to be exact (.4%).  In other words it is 99.6% likely you will not be a victim of a violent crime in any given year.  Let’s dissect the number even further.  Out of the already miniscule .4%, 62% of that is aggravated assault and 29% robbery. Aggravated assault ranges from an attack with injuries to a shove.  A robbery can be a gun to the face and a demand all the way down to a purse snatching.  Only 8% of the original .4% was forcible rape or murder.  That amounts to less than one tenth of one percent likely you’ll be a victim of a forcible rape or murder.  So, 99.9% likely not to be victimized.  The odds don’t get much better than that.  Considering that the victims of the violent crime were victimized by the same perpetrator in many instances.  That’s not many people who are capable of committing violent crime.

With the media sensationalizing violent crime, you’d think violent crime was rampant.  It’s not.

Yet, all of us have violent thoughts.  We like violent movies.  We like violent video games.  We fantasize about being gangsters.  We imagine beating up or killing our spouse or ex-spouse sometimes.  We imagine taking violent revenge against someone who’s wronged us.  We imagine the killing of government agents.  When we see police committing crimes of murder on the news and getting away with it, our blood boils.  We imagine doing to them what they do to others.

With all this violent thought, you’d think there would be more violence.  There isn’t, as the FBI’s own stats show.  Ironically, government is the one who commits most of the violence in society.  We imagine all this violence, so we give power to the government to stop the violence only to have the ones charged with stopping the violence become the ones committing the violence.  That’s like hiring the thief who burglarizes our house to guard our house.  It’s completely insane.

The government wants you to associate violent thought with violent action.  Even though 100% of us think violent thoughts, less than one half of one percent act on those thoughts.  The government uses your thoughts against you.  It wants you to think that the line between violent thought and violent action is easily crossed.  One way it reinforces this is through hate crime, thought crime legislation.  As if hate and violent thought automatically lead to committing acts of violence.  The government wants you to think because everyone has violent thoughts, violent action is potentially everywhere.  It needs you to think that.  It’s whole reason to exist is based on people’s need for protection from all the imagined potential violence.

Thoughts are not crimes.  No matter how violent, perverted, or sickening they are.  Until you cross that line into action, there is no crime.  Random threats of violence are not crimes either unless they are credible.  If someone points a gun at you and says they are going to kill you if you don’t do whatever they ask, that’s credible.  A random threat on the internet isn’t credible.  Everybody wants to kill somebody.  The line is hard to cross to take action.

Everyone has violent thoughts.  You have to break this association in your head between violent thought and violent actions. Violent thoughts in themselves do not lead to violent action.  Yes, all violent action follows violent thought, but that doesn’t mean violent thought leads to violent action or else everyone who’s had a violent thought, which is everyone, would commit acts of violence.  That’s not the case.  That’s like saying everyone who drinks alcohol drank milk first, so drinking milk leads to alcohol consumption.  Obviously, it’s flawed logic.  Violent action is a result of crossing the mental barrier between violent thought and violent action.  And that barrier is very difficult to break.

Government is the one who uses indoctrination and training to get people to cross the mental barrier.  Military and police personnel are indoctrinated, trained and ordered to cross the line from violent thought to violent action.  Drugs can get some to cross the line.  That’s why when there’s a mass killing like this guy who shot up the church, the media and government focus on the guns and not the drugs.  The government needs these kind of events to happen for its own existence.  It needs the people to be in fear of random violence.  I’m not suggesting that the government encourages these people to commit these mass crimes, but when it does happen it takes full advantage.  There is so much evidence that these anti-psychosis drugs cause people to cross that line between violent thought and violent action, but the government chooses to do nothing about them.  It doesn’t want to.  It redirects the focus to guns, racism, thought crimes.

Humans are not predisposed to be violent.  Yes, we think violent things, but as the stats show it’s rare to act upon those thoughts.  It’s not government that is keeping violent crime rates low, it’s ourselves.  If humans were predisposed to be violent, no amount of government would stop the violence.  There could be no civilization.  We would be committing violent acts upon each other constantly and that would include against people acting as government agents.  If humans were predisposed to be violent it would chaos and mayhem.

Government causes most of the violence in the world.  Humans are not predisposed to be violent, but they can be trained to be.  In the world outside of government there is very little violent crime as shown by the FBI stats.  When government gets involved, men and women are trained to be violent.  Wars and genocide are common.  Government incentivizes and trains men and women to be killers.  It pays them and also propagandizes them with images of glory and righteousness for killing in the name of their government.  Police are trained to be violent in the same way for purposes of predation on the mostly docile population.

We don’t need a government to protect us from something that is 99.6% not likely to happen.  We imagine violent crime everywhere, but the stats don’t confirm it.  We do know that government commits violence everyday, constantly.  We’ve traded imagined violence for real violence by allowing government to exist.

Some might try to make the argument that it is government in the first place that keeps the rate of violent crime so low.  Okay, let’s examine.  What if, without a government, the violent crime rate doubled?  That would still only be .8%.  How about tripled or quadrupled?  1.2% and 1.6% respectively.  Still a tiny miniscule of violent crime and it’s not likely to double, triple or quadruple absent a government.  That’s saying government is doing a good job at keeping the crime rate down.  Anything government does, it does badly.  But hey, maybe here is an exception.  Not a chance.  Plato wrote this over 2000 years ago:  “Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws”.  That’s as true today as it was back then.

Without government, violence in the world would actually go down for several reasons.  I’ll go into more depth in a future article, but the highlights are:  Violence committed by government, which is most of the violence in the world, would be eliminated.  Freedom and the increased prosperity because of freedom will reduce violent crime.  Private crime prevention is superior to government crime prevention.

People fear that without government keeping violence in check, civilization would break down into some sort of man against man, dog eat dog, survival of the fittest violent society, but it’s actually the opposite.  That scenario is in our imaginations.  That scenario is what happens when government exists.  There is very little violent crime in human civilization outside of government.  The idea that human civilization is so violent we need a government to keep it under control and maintain order is quite literally in our heads.