Comforting lie #4 – Majority rule makes the best group decisions

Article by Bob Podolsky republished by permission on Dec. 29, 2015
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A number of facts point to the falsehood of this statement, particularly as it applies to the election of political candidates and the enactment of “laws” by legislators.

a) As majority rule is generally applied in either of these instances the resulting costs are usually borne by the minority; While such a “tyranny of the majority” is not as bad as that of a tyrannical dictator, it is still tyranny – and hence bad.

b) Majority rule often leads to decisions that are demonstrably illogical.

[1] Because these decisions are based on false conclusions they have unintended consequences that cause widespread harm to people.

c) Only two groups of people actually benefit from majority rule:

(1) Those who wish to spend other people’s money, and




(2) Those who own the mainstream media and who use these media to manipulate public opinion with comforting lies, false promises, and distractions, thereby enhancing their power over others and increasing their profits. The facts that refute the lies are rarely, if ever, discussed.

d) By contrast, the almost twenty years of research performed by John David Garcia proved beyond any reasonable doubt that small groups of people, with a little training, can learn to consistently make highly ethical unanimous decisions, entirely foregoing majority rule. The Titania project’s mission is to extend this methodology to large groups comprised of millions of people.

In light of these facts it is reasonable to conclude that majority rule does not make the best group decisions. In fact, it usually makes rather poor ones.