Why the first amendment first

Article by Cal Nogov on Mar. 3, 2016


For all of those who imagine, gloriously, fighting the government when the time comes because of the 2nd amendment and the right to bear arms, I’ve got a little rain for your parade today.  The first amendment is a more powerful weapon against tyranny than the 2nd.  That’s why the founders put it first.

As an anarchist, I’m not a big fan of the constitution today, but I do recognize it as a giant leap forward for humanity at the time it was written.  It’s once again time for humanity to make a giant leap forward.  The founders couldn’t quite make the leap, but fortunately, they left us with the spring board.

Most people today acknowledge freedom of speech even if they don’t use it or even fully understand it.  They’ve heard the phrase and recognize it as a good thing.  The PC crowd even recognizes free speech.  I know it doesn’t seem like it, but in their minds PC speech is still free speech.  As an outside observer we often think but… but… but… how can they hold two contradictory thoughts in their in heads and think both are correct.  It’s mind boggling, but they do it.

The 2nd amendment is a last resort.  The physical fighting, the shooting, the killing.  If it comes to that, that is a horrific outcome.  It’s destructive.  It sets humanity back generations.

The 1st line of defense (and offense) is freedom of speech.

The U.S. Government is a tyrannical monster.  There are bazillions of laws (legislation) and regulations.  These are rules for you to obey and restrictions on your life and freedom.  They come with punishments for disobedience.  There are bazillions of taxes.  There are taxes on everything under the sun.  And moon.  This is your tribute payment to your lords and masters, and the first restriction on your freedom which allows and perpetuates all the rest of your loss of freedom.  War.  Always war.  War on foreigners.  War on citizens.  The bombs keep falling.  The prisons keep filling.  The government’s enforcers murder with impunity.

You may feel powerless, but you are not powerless.

When do you intend to fight back against the government?  What’s your cue?  Do you imagine the government proclaiming, ‘we are tyrants, we’re coming to enslave you’. Then you’ll fight.  You’re already enslaved (taxes…laws).  Are you waiting for a leader to tell you when to fight?  The fight is already going on.  You’re missing it.  It’s not glamorous.  It’s not glorious.  There are no charges into enemy lines guns blazing in an all or nothing assault.  It’s a war of words and words are powerful.

This is the powerful weapon the founders left us.  People still recognize free speech as a right.  The government would love to simply crush critics, crush dissidents, crush truth tellers, but naked aggression of that type by the government causes people to see the monster for what it is.  So the government must proceed slowly, grinding down freedom under the guise of serving and protecting the general population and using propaganda to keep the people dumbed down and/or indoctrinated.  Indoctrination is the primary purpose of government schooling.

The freeing of humanity will (hopefully) be won with words, not bullets.  When the people recognize a few basic concepts, the war is won.  Concepts such as: taxation is theft;  the government is their ruler not their protector; politicians are rulers, not representatives(aka masters, not servants); aggression is wrong even when done by the government; respect for private property; government doesn’t protect freedom, it takes away freedom; government is not a force for good;  any service the government performs can be done better and cheaper on the free market, and without using stolen money(taxes);  voting is a system of oppression;

The gates are down.  There are no gatekeepers.  There are no government filters on information thanks to the internet, and individuals now have the ability to communicate with nearly everyone on the planet.  This is powerful.  Every voice added in the cause of freedom speeds the velocity of the freeing of humanity.  Like any war, numbers matter.  Add your voice.  Even if you say nothing more than to your friends and family that taxation is theft.

Don’t wait until the bullets start flying to make a stand.

The fight is now.

Get in the fight.





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